Sunday, October 6, 2019

Linking Sexual Satisfaction and Exercise Research Paper - 1

Linking Sexual Satisfaction and Exercise - Research Paper Example   The participants consisted of undergraduate students enrolled in health science courses and were 408 in number. It was conducted on a voluntary basis, and anonymity of the participants was ensured. They were to fill a cross-sectional questionnaire of 130-items. The questionnaire was able to collect information concerning demographic variables, perceived fitness, exercise frequency, the perception of sexual desirability, and sexual performance. Data analysis involve the use of SAS programs and chi-square and mainly based on gender. Females were more than the males while ethnically, the Caucasian was the majority. Ninety percent of males who reported their fitness level being above average rated their sexual desirability and sexual performance as above average or more above average. In the case of females, it was indicated that there was no association between exercise frequency, sexual performance, and sexual desirability. Seventy-one percent of females who rated their fitness lev el being much above average had their sexual desirability above average or more above average. Significant gender differences were noted for sexual performance and sexual desirability by exercise frequency and by fitness. From the data that was gathered and analyzed it was found that higher levels of fitness and longer exercise frequency improved the perception of sexual desirability and sexual performance.   The research also demonstrated that constant physical activity provides benefits to one's psychological well-being.  

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